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How to Set up a Wiki

You will need your wiki password


If you would like to get started making your own wiki you must sign in first THEN click here.

RESET PASSWORD HERE: http://www.cmswiki.wikispaces.net/user/remind

Password (this should have been emailed to you)

On left panel – choose make a new wiki

Choose a name
FirstLast (do not use spaces or dots)
i.e. EmilyCasabonne@cms.cmswiki.wikispaces.net
This is the URL that you will send to your parents to view the wiki page.
Choose Protected (anyone can view and only you can edit)

Edit This Page will allow you to make changes to your page. This is just like using Word. To change text, first highlight the text, Click T, color, font, alignment, and click apply style. Save

Navigation (shows the pages in your wiki)
Click on Edit Navigation
Remove Widget
Type in a new order or change the order if you would like
Highlight Text
Click on Link
Page Name (if checked ok, if not delete what is there and choose an existing page)
*You can add a horizontal line/rule to separate subject/content areas

Or you can select (highlight) the pages (on the left in the navigation panel), right click on the mouse, copy , click edit navigation, delete the widget and right click the mouse and paste the pages. From this point you can simply cut and paste them into the order you would like.

Inserting and Linking Pages and websites

i.e. you could create a link on each page to take you back to the home page.

Uploading Files
Click on Manage Wiki
Upload Files
Select the file(s)
Go to the page on your wiki where you want the files
File – Insert

Creating E-mail Links
  1. In CMS Wiki you may link only to CMS e-mail addresses.
  2. Make sure you have permission before linking to anyone else’s CMS e-mail address.
  3. Always form your e-mail links using the CMS Website “E-mail Robot”. This provides a form for people to fill out rather than depending on their computer to have a default e-mail program.
  4. Be sure you DO NOT type the person’s full e-mail address on the page. This only invites spammers to collect and use the person’s email address.
  5. Type the person’s name or a phrase like “Contact me” and highlight it.
  6. Click the “Create Hyperlink” button on the toolbar.
  7. A prompt window will open. Enter the following URL in the box:http://www.cms.k12.nc.us/_layouts/charmeckfiles/mailrobot.aspx?address=__(TIP: Don't copy the URL from here... see below)
  8. Replace the blank at the end with the part of the person’s email address that appears before the @ symbol.Example: For the e-mail address jane.doe@cms.k12.nc.us, the URL would be:http://www.cms.k12.nc.us/_layouts/charmeckfiles/mailrobot.aspx?address=jane.doe
TIP: Copy the URL below to make as a link in your page, then add the email name at the end.**http://www.cms.k12.nc.us/_layouts/charmeckfiles/mailrobot.aspx?address=**

How toCreate a Distribution List (Replaces "Bulletins" option in Pages - parents cannot "join" a CMS Wiki)

To add clip art:
Open your wiki
Open a new tab
Go to Discovery Education
Type in the search bar what you are looking for
Choose Clip Art on the second drop down menu
When you find what you want - click download file
Save in your documents
Go back to your wiki
Upload File
Find it and click open

At the CMS Wiki Home Page, you can use the search tool to find content or other wiki user’s pages.

If you need help: