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Talk. Listen.

Go to http://todaysmeet.com/
TodaysMeet is a tool, which can be used to maintain students' focus on the subject of the teacher's lecture. The tool allows students to continually post comments, questions and answers on the screen, while the teacher undergoes a topic. This website contains no ads. You can create a room in TodaysMeet without creating a user account, and need only give the students access to the room by sharing a URL with them. A simple yet very useful tool. TodaysMeet helps you to manage the backchannel of your classroom.
Backchannel = students talking with each other and this information could be valuable feedback to you the teacher.
  • Create a room and name it.
  • Choose when you want the room deleted. (Do not choose a week – choose 2 hours. It needs to be a short period of time so you can monitor the comments. The comments cannot be hidden) You can print the posts/comments when you are finished. You do not have to create accounts for all the students. They do not need a password. You can create it and send the link to the site to the students.
  • Your students can join the conversation by writing their names (or something else to be anonymous i.e. group name or student 1) and clicking on Join. Now they can post their messages instantly.

Ideas for using TodaysMeet:
Feedback from a novel you are reading together
Question of the day
Ask questions (great for the shy student)
Great opportunity to teach the students how to “talk” online
Project collaboration
Assessment tool