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• Shut Down – press the power button on the board two times – YOU MUST SHUT DOWN EACH NIGHT
• Cleaning your board:
First, try cleaning with water! Dampen a cloth and wipe the board
You can spray Expo Dry Erase Cleanser on a soft cloth and wipe the SMART Board.
Or you can use ammonia free Windex. Spray it on soft cloth and wipe the SMART Board.
**Before you clean your SMART Board interactive whiteboard, shut down or disconnect the computer. Otherwise, you may
scramble the desktop icons or inadvertently activate applications when you wipe the screen.
Do NOT spray the board directly! Never use baby wipes or Clorox wipes on the board.
You can use “canned” air to spray out the pen tray, but do not use the air on your projector
• Cleaning your Projector:
You need to check out the portable vacuum from the media center once a quarter to vacuum the
exterior of your projector – be sure to get the side vents and top – these collect a lot of dust and
seriously impair the life of the projector.
• Orienting your board
When you are writing on your SMART Board, but the mark from the stylus is not aligning with where
you are actually writing, you need to reorient your SMART Board. There are two ways you can do this.
To quickly access the orientation screen~ press the two buttons on the pen tray (directly below the
eraser) simultaneously. To complete the orientation process, touch each point at its direct center.
• Bulbs:
Preserving the bulb of your projector will ensure its longevity.
If you will not need the projector for 45 minutes, turn it off.
Projector bulbs cost over $300 each! Please keep this in mind when wanting to watch the today show,
MTV or ESPN on work days! Always turn your projector off before you leave at the end of the day.
• Long Vacations
Consider covering your board with an old fitted sheet to keep dust off the board
Cover your projector with a trash bag to keep the dust out, tape it shut!