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What is Gaggle you ask? Well, it’s not a flock of geese. Gaggle was launched in 1999 and was one of the pioneering companies to provide a safe student email solution. Since then Gaggle has grown to offer so much more. They have grown to be a leader in “safe technology” within the K-12 market. Gaggle currently provides safe student communication tools to more than 15,000 schools in 57 countries, while managing over 2 million accounts and storing more than 750 million emails. Their online tools include safe student email, shared calendars, assignment drop boxes, discussion boards, blogs, digital lockers, online document editing and collaborative, safe SMS Texting and filtered YouTube access.

CMS has partnered with Gaggle to offer our teachers and students email accounts and much, much more! One of the exciting features of this email for teachers is a much larger storage capacity than the 50MB we currently have with our CMS email. This will not replace CMS email, but will provide a place for you to store larger files that normally clog up your CMS email. Teacher email is just one piece of this new web tool we are being offered.

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