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What is Gaggle? (use Firefox)
Gaggle was launched in 1999 and was one of the pioneering companies to provide a safe student email solution. We have grown to be a leader in “safe technology” within the K-12 market. Gaggle currently provides safe student communication tools to more than 15,000 schools in 57 countries. Our online tools include safe student email, shared calendars, assignment drop boxes, discussion boards, blogs, digital lockers, online document editing and collaborative, safe SMS Texting and filtered YouTube access.
Slide 1 (Overview)
  • Intro- The Human Monitoring Service puts the monitoring of blocked messages in Gaggle's hands, eliminating the need for teachers to review questionable communications so they can concentrate on classroom instruction. The Human Monitoring Service greatly improves the safety and security of students, both online and in the real world. Detecting issues (i.e. cyber bullying, profanity) early allows parents and educators to intervene positively on behalf of students.
  • If the HMS detects anything suspicious:
1st warning student receives message
2nd warning student, teacher, and the gaggle admin will receive a message
3rd warning student is locked out for 2 weeks and can only email *refer to slide 3
  • Gaggle Tube (90% of offensive YouTube videos removed from Gaggletube)
  • 7 GB of storage for teacher email

Slide 2
  • Your dashboard or home page
  • Easy access to all components of Gaggle
  • Customize your Home Tab - Edit Add widgets (CNN, weather, Math in a minute) to customize your dashboard (refer to training videos)
Slide 3
  • Email settings can be modified based on your school's decision. (only allowed to email teacher, class, or anyone in the school or district)
  • The student’s login can be found under the My Classes tab – their password is yymmdd
  • Students can now create accounts for other free web tools such as VoiceThread, Glogster, Animoto, etc using their Gaggle email addresses.
  • If students' messages are flagged for inappropriate content, their account is set up to ONLY email the teacher (for two weeks)

Slide 4
  • 7 GB of filtered storage for teachers and students in the digital locker
  • Add a file (upload from computer) or create a new file (document, spreadsheet, presentation, etc)
  • The students can upload pictures, docs and movies to their Gaggle accounts to share or save. This is the only way the students really have to save what they create on the iPads.

Slide 5
  • Sharing - Click on Not Shared link next to folder or file to share with individuals within YOUR school.
  • Edit the doc/spreadsheet/presentation together in Zoho

Slide 6
  • Zoho docs: Create a new document/spreadsheet/presentation in Gaggle (no need to create a new acct in Zoho)
  • Filtered online docs and spreadsheets powered by the award-winning Zoho office suite. Zoho features online presentations, spreadsheets and word processing with simultaneous editing and group collaboration.

Slide 7
  • 90% of YouTube videos are filtered for offensive content
  • Teacher approved school setting-Teachers must approve videos

Slide 8
  • Each school site needs a YouTube account to upload class videos to YouTube via GaggleTube. (I have created an account for our school)
  • Any student upload has to be approved by a Gaggle administrator
  • Teachers can email the video to their gaggle email and upload the video to gaggle thru the school YouTube account (audio is not filtered so please check entire video before uploading)
  • The video will be private – only people with gaggle accounts can see it

Slide 9
  • Classes are already set up using NC Wise
  • Create an assignment drop box for your student by clicking on Classes -- Assignments -- New Assignment Folder
  • Enter a due date
  • Insert hyperlinks, Embed GaggleTube video, Attach a file from the Digital Locker

Slide 10
  • Any assignments with due dates will post automatically to Calendar
  • Add new events to calendar that aren't associated with any assignments
  • Students will see all class calendars in the top left corner (color-coded on calendar)
  • Make calendar public to anyone (direct link and/or embed code)

Slide 11
  • Comment or provide feedback on student submitted assignments (supported file types: doc, docx, ppt, ppt, pptx, pdf, png and jpg)
  • Right-Click on the assignment, choose Mark it Up
  • Add comments, highlight, annotate
  • Return to student

Slide 12 There is More…. (Chat is not open for students, Blog is filtered)
Slide 13 Get Help
Slide 14 Logging into Gaggle ( have a handout)
Slide 15 Free time to Login
Slide 16 Complete Assignment
Bonus Features:
Gaggle has released their new App for the Apple iPad, solving the dilemma of shared iPads in a mobile cart environment.
With Gaggle’s iPad App each student sharing an iPad logs in to their own account allowing users to share the iPad while still keeping files, images, videos, and email private for each user.
Single Sign-on – Gaggle has the option to link to other web services such as Study Island so that the students only have to log in once. (same username and password for both)
Cyber Safety Course – When students first login they will be prompted to complete the Cyber Safety Course.