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By the End of Kindergarten:

Log on and off independently
Recognize and find the Enter, Space Bar, Backspace and letters on the keyboard
Hold the mouse correctly and click with the pointer finger
Accurately find and choose assigned Programs

By the End of 1st Grade:

Open and Save documents
Print independently
Use the computer to write/type stories and poems
Find commonly used letters quickly on the keyboard
Capitalize words
Use ending punctuation

By the End of 2nd Grade:

Format Word documents
Use the correct finger placement for the Home Row Keys
Use Enter, Backspace and Delete
Use the computer to write/type stories and poems
Ability to use two programs at the same time

By the End of 3rd Grade:

Format in various programs
Change orientation and adjust margins
Type faster and confidently
Use keyboard shortcuts
Learn and use Proper Research Skills

By the End of 4th Grade:

Advanced formatting features
Keyboard shortcuts
Research Projects

By the End of 5th Grade:

Realize a computer is a tool enabling the student to find and present information
Learn new information independently