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BYOT Lesson Plan Ideas

  • Create digital stories using StoryKit, Show Me, Doodle Buddy or Toontastic
  • Check the local weather, track over a period of time
  • Read and listen to books
  • AR
  • Use a Dictionary app to look up unknown or unfamiliar words for definition and/or pronunciation
  • Type rough drafts, take notes, summarize, write poems, argue and support and brainstorm
  • Use audio apps for recording, interviewing and storytelling
  • Create a slideshow
  • Research
  • Blogging using Kidsblog, Edublogs, or Gaggle for personal reflection, discussion and sharing
  • Scavenger hunt with QR Codes
  • Use Educreations to create/teach a math strategy
  • Calculate distances using Google maps
  • Create study guides and flashcards for independent study/test prep
  • Create a video/movie to show mastery of concept
  • Use as student response systems to show student’s understanding of a concept
  • Organize notes, work with Evernote - Evernote can also be used as a digital portfolio
  • Use clock/timer and calendar app as a time management tool
  • Complete assignments in Discovery Education
  • Practice reading fluency and decoding of words
  • Create a Backchannel to facilitate classroom discussion
  • Practice/reinforce skills using educational apps (math facts, etc.)
  • Digital Citizenship